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About Us

Branch Services was founded in response to the need for locally based programming that supports self determined adults with intellectual delays and autism so that they can be an integral part of their community of choice.

Our Mission

Branch Services promotes the dignity and respect of all people with disabilities. By raising expectations of and for our participants, we support them in becoming more self determined individuals, improving the quality of their lives.

Branch Values

Branch Services promotes the self-determination of people with intellectual delays and autism, by providing the programming needed for adults to take action in their own lives instead of having others make decisions for them.

Supported Independence

Branch Services provides the resources and staff, so that each participant receives the unique support needed to develop independence in the community and living situation of their choice.

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Social Integration

Branch Services supports participants in creating individualized programs that encourage active engagement with friends, family and employers, confirming their choices in community involvement.

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Positive health outcomes are important to living a better quality life. Branch Services supports individuals in taking responsibility for their behaviors and actions and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Engaging Employment

Individuals who have greater options and control over their vocation have higher rates of employment. Branch Services encourages participant’s prerogative to explore work opportunities, through educational programming and support.

The Branch Team

Branch Services is made up of a dynamic team of dedicated individuals who are committed to promoting participant growth and independence.