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Our programs create opportunities for our members to develop independent choice skills and facilitate successful integration with their communities.

Community Living

Branch Services provides our clients with independent living skills within a community environment that supports their choice of residence. Branch Services assists participants in developing a daily schedule that addresses healthy routines, personal hygiene, household maintenance, and enjoyable leisure activities at home. Branch Services provides the support needed for individuals to achieve their goals as they work towards living independently.

Social Activities

Social interaction is important for leading healthy lives. Branch Services fosters a wide range of opportunities for small and larger group social engagement. Branch Service’s staff offers support for participants to host social activities and to identify and plan social outings. Participants are encouraged to enroll in community-based events and classes and support is provided as needed for successful engagement.

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Health & Wellness

Health and wellness, both physical and mental, are a foundation of the Branch Services model. Branch Services provides targeted support from specialists in nutrition, counseling, mental health, and personal training.

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Employment Support

Branch Services assists participants in identifying local internship and employment opportunities. Matching individuals with their areas of interest, Branch Services recruits vocational and employment partners, then provides job coaching and job support so that individuals have successful intern and work experiences allowing them to master new skills and gain confidence.

Educational Support

Branch Services encourages participants to be lifelong learners and explore their interests. Individuals are provided the support to investigate potential educational programs, enroll and attend classes, and receive tutoring as needed to successfully engage with the material.

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Culinary Skills

Branch Services has a growing Culinary Department. We provide and encourage 1:1 consults with a nutritionist to develop individual meal plans and grocery lists. We offer instruction in meal preparation both individually and in small groups in order to master cooking skills needed for independence. Branch Services also encourages participants to apply their culinary skills in a service business such as micro kitchens, catering and operating a cafe.

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Art & Music

Branch Services provides participants with the opportunity to take a variety of art and music courses in their local community and receive more targeted 1:1 instruction as requested. Branch Services encourages participants to showcase their creative skills at community events.